Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings you will find all the settings, which are not necessarily related to the display, but have an effect on the entire installation. These options are available via the “Affiliate Toolkit” menu -> “Settings”.

Settings for disclaimer

1. Show disclaimer

It is advisable to activate the disclaimer. This is automatically printed after the product or at the end of a list.

Amazon also stipulates this information when prices or delivery times are (can be) displayed that are older than 1 hour.

Note: Even if you set the data cache to one hour, you should activate this option!

2. Disclaimer

This text is displayed under the product. You can arrange the text as you want, but we recommend at least the display of the date and time of the last update.

Links & Buttons

3. Standard button type

With this selection you control globally where the button should be linked by default.

You can choose between:

  • Add to Cart
    This link is currently only available on Amazon and will be added directly to the Amazon shopping cart. If no shopping cart link is available, the product is linked.
  • Link
    This is the standard, which links directly to the product of the respective shop.
  • Product page
    This allows you to link to the product page when product pages are activated.

4. Title link

With this selection, you can control what the title is linked to.

You can choose between:

  • Link
    This is the standard, which links directly to the product of the respective shop.
  • Produkt page
    This allows you to link to the product page when product pages are activated.

5. Mark links (*)

With this option, you can attach a “*” to each affiliate link. It is used to separate advertising and editorial content and should be activated with caution.

In addition, a short explanation about the star should be given in the header area, the page area or at least in the foot area. Here is a small example:

* = Affiliatelink: If you order a product through such a link, we will get a commission from the seller. For you, of course, no additional costs arise.

6. Open links in new window / tab

This hook will open affiliate links in a new tab or window.

7. Open affiliate links with Javascript

If you want to hide your user, which target is behind an affiliate link, you can activate this option. This means that no link destination is displayed in the browser. For every visitor who has disabled JavaScript, the link does not work anymore!

8. Click Tracking

This option will track your affiliate link using Google Analytics. If you want to use this option, you should use Google Universal Tracking.

You should have installed the following tracking code in your page, otherwise the events can not be called (UA-XXXXXXXX-XX replace accordingly!):

After activation, you should find the following events in your Analytics interface (under Behavior -> Events -> Overview), with enough traffic:

Event category

Here you find the type of the link and which template or shop was clicked.

Event label

Here you can find the clicks for products.


9. Post image

This option allows you to import the main image of a product. This option is, by the way, equivalent to the PostScript option in the product pages.

Not import post images

The main screen is not imported and the posting is not available when a product is deactivated.

Import post images

The image is updated regularly in your media library, and you do not have to worry about regularly reviewing the images. The imported pictures you can also use for own contributions.

Use external post image

The external contribution image is linked to the picture of the CDN of your publisher. This option is only useful for product pages, but does not work with any theme and publisher.


10. Additional shortcode generator button

This activates the alternative button for the shortcode generator. Click Here to learn more.

11. Use shortcode generator in these types of posts

Activate the shortcode button for other posttypes except pages and posts.

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