Basic Settings

In the basic settings you will find all settings for cronjob, data check and data cache. You can get to these options via the menu “Affiliate Toolkit” menu -> “Settings”.

Global Settings

1. Cronjob type

With this option you can choose how the product data is to be updated. By default it is set to WordPress-Cronjob. WordPress then automatically reaches out to the plugin which updates the product date. If you don’t use a Cronjob here, the data will be updated through visitor traffic. If you don’t have traffic on your page, the product data will not be updated. You can find more about this subject here.

Hint: If the prices are not updated, the cronjob may be disabled by an update or other activities. Just click on “Apply changes”, which will reinitialize the cronjob. If the products are still not updated, it is likely that there is not enough traffic.

Settings for data verification

The data check checks the product data at regular intervals for correctness. It checks whether there are any errors in individual products or whether the price is equal to 0. Also lists as well as shops are checked for errors. If there is an error in an entry, an email is sent.

2. Enable data verification

Use this checkbox to enable the e-mail notifications.

3. Check interval

This is the interval at which the data is checked. Already reported errors will be sent again. The e-mail represents only one current status. So you should consider whether you want to have emails in a 6-hour interval.

4. Email report recipients

Here you can change the e-mail address of the WordPress-Admin (under Settings -> General). You can enter several recipients using semicolon (“;”).

5. Send report now

With this button, you send the report immediately (if errors are present).

Settings for the Data Cache

6. Cache duration

This interval specifies how long the data will be stored. After this period, the product data is reloaded by the API. Recommended is an interval of one day. The images are imported at this interval (if selected) as well.

7. CSV-Import interval

This is the interval for the CSV shops. These are imported into a separate table before the actual product update and processed. A shorter interval is recommended here than for the cache duration. Thus, e.g. 12 hours when the data cache is updated every day.

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