These options can be used to control the templates throughout the website. If you use your own templates, it may be that these settings do not affect!

Note: Possibly your changes to the display settings will not be saved immediately. Save the settings first without any changes and then make your changes and click Save.

1. Show price

Use this option to set the price for a product.

This option allows you to link the Prime logo to a special Amazon landing page (for Prime).

3. Show discount

This option displays the price reductions for a product.

4. Show star-rating

5. Hide ratings with an average of 0 stars

If there are no star ratings, the stars are blacked out.

6. Show review

7. Hide customer review with amount of 0

If no customer evaluations are available, they are hidden.

8. Link reviews

This option links the ratings. The link leads at Amazon to the customer reviews.

9. Link product image

This links the product image.

10 Bestseller Band

Here you can determine whether the volume should be shown in the bestseller list for all products or only for the first three products.

11. Box-Style

The box style is the product box itself.

Classy box

Flat box with edge

Flat box without edge

12. Button Style

The AT plugin gets a few standard button styles with. However, you can switch off the prefabricated styles at any time and replace them with your own CSS styles.

Classic button

Amazon button

Flat button

Custom styles

With the selection boxes you can set the button colors themselves (for the classic and the flat button).

No style

You can disable the button style completely, then you get only a normal text link.

More offers

If you would like to display the price comparison as a drop-down (under the offer-button) on his website, click on “Show offers”. If this is the case, the product will be displayed with “More Offers”.

13. Show more offers

Use this checkbox to enable the other offers to be displayed. In order for something to be displayed, there must also be offers for the product.

14. „More offers“ template

This template is used in the product templates for the placeholder% moreoffers%.

15. „More offers“ text

This controls the display text for the default template. When you create your own template, this text no longer counts.

Hover link information

If you use the hover link information, additional information about the product is displayed when you cross a link. This popup is only displayed in text links and not in the links of a template.

16. Show hover linkin formation

By setting this hook, you activate the popup.

17. Link information template

This allows you to use your own template for the hover box. You should, however, note that you have to create your own template.


Here, certain options for titles and descriptions can be applied.

18. Maximal Title length

This shortens the title to a certain length. Placeholder:% short_title%

19. Maximal description length

This shortens the description to a certain length. Placeholder:% info_text%

20. Maximal features number

This limits the number of properties. Only 3 properties are displayed for the value 3. Placeholder:% info_text%

1. Description & Features

This option controls whether the properties and (if empty) the description (default) should be displayed, or whether only description or properties should be displayed. Placeholder:% info_text%

2. „About the product“ text

This text is used for the buttons, which link directly to the own product page.

3. Yes symbol

With this, you can override the green hook.

4. No symbol

You can override the red X here.

5.-7. Badge 1, 2 or 3

Here you can set the text and color for your highlighting.

8. Review text

For the test seal, you can specify the color and the text on the seal.

9. -13. Test result 1-5

These notes are later displayed on the seal.


14. Number of entries in the lists

This option allows you to set the default value for the number of entries in a list for the entire page. The value can be exceeded in any shortcode.


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