1. Installation of the plugin

In this section, we will present the system requirements and everything you need for installing our plugin.


In order to ensure the full functionality of the Affiliate Toolkit, the following requirements need to be met: WordPress 4.0 and PHP 5.6.

For proper communication with the eBay, Affilinet, and Zanox-API the SOAP extension needs to be installed. Additionally, the PHP extension curl should be installed and the option allow_url_fopen should be activated.

Your host can tell you if your web space meets these requirements.

Suggestion: If our free starter plugin runs flawlessly, most likely our fee-based version will work run as well.


There are several option for the installation of the plugin. First of all, you need to download the plugin from our customer website. The corresponding license has been sent to your e-mail address along with the order confirmation.

You will automatically receive a download corresponding to your license. Additionally, the plugin is associated with a license key. You don’t need to enter the license key. As soon as you activate the plugin, your WordPress installation will be activated in our system.


Before you run the installation, please make sure that the starter version of the Affiliate-Toolkit has not been activated, otherwise you will receive some pretty bad PHP error messages during the activation process.

When you uninstall the plugin and reactivate it afterwards, all settings will be saved! The same holds true for when upgrading from the starter version to the paid version.

Installation via backend

The easiest way of installing is via the backend of WordPress.

As soon as you have downloaded the packet, log into your WordPress page in the backend and click on Plugins -> install. There click on uploading plugin and choose the previously downloaded zip file. Install will install the plugin. As soon as the plugin has been uploaded successfully, you need to activate it. And that’s it.

Some hosts may have issues with the size of the zip archive. In case you are experiencing problems, you better switch to installing via FTP.

Installation via FTP

Alternatively, you can upload the plugin via FTP.

Unzip the downloaded zipfile onto your computer. Copy the extracted “Affiliate-Toolkit”- folder in the FTP-folder /wp-content/plugins/.

As soon as you have uploaded the plugin, you can find it in WordPress at “Plugins” and you finally need to activate it.

Menus and buttons

To get you started as smoothly as possible, here are some menu options of our plugin. Those are the ones we receive the most questions about.

Menu for products and lists

Menü for plugin

Shortcode generator

In case you don’t see this button, it is probably displaced by another plugin. A solution to avoid that can be found here.

Testing environment

Our license allows you to locally install the plugin within your environment as a demo version. You will still see the activated domain but it won’t count as an activation.

On the following installations, the installation will count as a demo version:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*


In case an update is available for our plugin, we will send you a message via the WordPress backend. The update is performed just like the updates of the other plugins, via one-click from the backend. However we also offer the possibility to always download the latest version on our website.

Upgrade of packages

There will be two options, in case you would like to use our plugin on additional websites:

  1. You use your license key to log in via the customer website and click on the package you would like to buy there.
  2. You simply install the plugin on the new WordPress installation and wait for a mail from our system. This e-mail will contain a link for a product upgrade as well.
Important: If you activate the license on more installations than you are entitled to, you either should get an upgrade or provide us with feedback regarding the non-activated installations. Otherwise we unfortunately must deactivate your license. You then also won’t have access to updates or to the support team anymore!

Do you still have questions? No problem :-)
We are happy to answer your questions in our forum.