Output templates using PHP without WordPress

With our plugin, you can print products and lists on PHP pages (without WordPress). However, a WordPress is necessary for the administration of the products and lists.

The configuration of the plugin runs as usual via a WordPress installation. The output is then over your existing PHP scripts


Here is a demo script for implementation in your existing website.

You can put the demo script anywhere on the webspace. You have to adjust the path to the wp-config.php file (located in the WordPress root directory):

You can protect your WordPress installation with .htaccess. So no one but you can access your installation (to manage the products).


The functions in the application you can see in the demo script. Here is a more detailed description of the features.


All necessary functions for the implementation of the output are available in this file.


This function returns the absolute URL to the CSS file. This is delivered with the toolkit and is necessary for the correct representation. The file must be loaded before inline CSS.


This function returns the absolute URL to the JS file. This is delivered with the toolkit and contains a few necessary functions.


This function provides the CSS loaded inline. The following styles are included:

  • Button-CSS-Style
  • Box-CSS_Style
  • CSS from the custom templates


Tip: Use the shortcode generator to pass the correct parameters for the PHP functions.

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