Setting up Zanox/Awin API

Our Toolkit comes with an API for Zanox/Awin. This post contains all the information you need to set up the interface within the plugin.

The configuration only applies to the Zanox-API installation. All additional information regarding the shop can be found here.

Setting up the Zanox interface

1. Data supplier

This is where you pick the Zanox-API. Afterwards you can enter your access information.

2., 3. Connect ID and Secret Key

You need to know the publisher ID. The key can be found on the website. Additional information can be found below.

Click on publish once all information has been entered correctly. The plugin now connects to API and checks the key. Once the test has been completed successfully, the status becomes “connected” and all available partner shops are listed. Now you need to checkmark the respective sub-shops and save it again.

4. Enable SSL for product images

If your website uses SSL or if you want to switch to SSL in the future, you should click on this box.

Attention: With Zanox/Awin it depends on the corresponding partner shop and whether this shop can also supply the product pictures via SSL. It may be possible that even with SSL eventually no picture can be provided.

5. Sub-Shops

An individual shop is created for every partner at Zanox (just like at affilinet). Highlight your partner shop and click on save afterwards. When switching to overview, you will find the corresponding shop as a “Sub-Shop”.


Find API-Keys

Your account information can be found on the Zanox surface. Login with your account information there.

Attention: Zanox lately merged the API with Awin. We currently only use the Zanox-API. Until the transition has been completed we will also publish a corresponding update for the Awin-API.


Do you still have questions? No problem :-)
We are happy to answer your questions in our forum.