3. What are products?

Products will first need to be imported in the Affiliate-Toolkit before they can be processed by your website. This way your product data will be cached and you can even work on it or add information. In case you would like to show one product 4 times on your website, you simply need to change one information of the product and the change will be added correctly to all 4 locations.

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4. What are lists?

A list contains several products. These lists can be created either dynamically (e.g. via the Amazon bestseller) or manually (own top 5 products).

Such lists can present bestseller lists, product comparisons, or any other desired presentation to the visitors.

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5. What are templates?

Templates allow you to optionally broaden your output. They offer you total flexibility. You can easily adjust templates in the backend of WordPress.

The structure is designed really simple. Think of it just like the mail merge function of Word. You define the template and enter the proxies. During output on your WordPress page your proxy will be replaced by the correct value.

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