Use Debug-mode

If we ask for a LogFile or any other installation info, you’ll probably need to look at the debug page of our plugin.

You can find the debug settings under “Tools” -> “Debug”.

Important: In order for the logging to work, you must have the “log.txt” file in the directory “log” (plugin directory).


1. Log Level

The loglevel determines whether a log file is to be created and what is written away. The following modes are available.

  • OFF
    The logfile is switched off and is not logged (recommended!).
    Only errors are logged into the log file.
    All errors and debug information are written to the file.

After changes to the log level, click “Apply changes”.

If you have activated the log-level, you have to repeat the action which causes the error. After you have performed the action again, you can download the logfile and deactivate it again.

2. Download logfile

Use this function to download the logfile so you can send it to us.

3. Delete logfile

This deletes the log file on the server. But make sure the log level is set to “OFF”, otherwise a new file will be created.


4. List of installed plugins

This text box contains a complete list of all plugins. Sometimes this information is necessary due to compatibility issues.


This field contains the file, which can sometimes help further.

Do you still have questions? No problem :-)
We are happy to answer your questions in our forum.